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This is an RPG text-to-text forum where you can create your own stray dog set inside of the future Apocalyptic World of Earth.
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 On the Streets

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PostSubject: On the Streets   Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:24 pm

Echo saw the city up ahead, the sun provided bright light. She noticed how the glass dome above the city was cracking, her ears stayed pinned forward. Vines wrapped themselves around the glass dome, almost as if they were going to protect the city from dangers above.

She slowed down her pace to a medium walk, her body heaving the slightest, out of breath. The city's walls had vines and leaves, some brightly colored flowers blooming. One of the taller buildings had glowing green light erupting from the cracked windows.

Walking in closer, she couldn't smell any other dogs nearby. She let out a whimper and only feared the worst. She could be alone for all she knows. She'll die from insanity if she doesn't meet, or at least see another fellow canine.

Regaining her lost breath, Echo picked her pace back up into a faster trot into the city, her brain ready to kick into fighting mode at any moment.

The Echoes Never Die...
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PostSubject: Re: On the Streets   Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:25 am

Diablo saw a shadow a figure up ahead, noticing how tall it was. Maybe it was confused as well about the humans being gone and how the city is all messed up. Quickening his pace, he started to jog towards the large dog, noting how long the fur looked on it.

He let out a loud bark, trying to gain the other's attention. Maybe this new dog could be friendly? Maybe it knows about the vanish? Maybe it can help him?

He shook his head and started to trot faster towards it, now noticing it was a she shepherd with carmel and black fur. She looked out of breath, until she started trotting away from him.

"Wait!" He shouted, picking up a gallop towards her.
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On the Streets
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