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This is an RPG text-to-text forum where you can create your own stray dog set inside of the future Apocalyptic World of Earth.
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 Admin's First Day

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PostSubject: Admin's First Day   Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:35 pm

Echo looked around with curious eyes, her large ears were pinned forward at the sight before her. The large city she visited with her humans was covered in lush, green vines. The shepherd shook her large square head at the thoughts of her humans. Her heavy black and burnt umber colored coat was soft and filled with heat from the sun. Her cream colored legs stood out against the black tar streets.

"Why should I think about them? They left me here to die." Her conscience whispered, making Echo growl under her breath. "But... I never stepped out of line before. And they even said they would be back after they left..."

The Belgian Shepherd sighed, her golden brown eyes were full of remorse and sadness. She felt so alone. She missed her little humans running around with her. She missed protecting them from the monster under the bed. She missed when they always said "I love you Echo" to her every night.

Her paws felt sore from all of the walking, the road wasn't very kind to her pads. She had no choice though, leaving her home was her only chance of finding other dogs. She couldn't be alone. She wouldn't be alone.

"There have to be survivors out there... I just need to find them... She whispered to herself, picking up her pace to a trot and heading towards the large city. There were bound to be other strays there too.

*exits to Abandoned City*

The Echoes Never Die...
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PostSubject: Re: Admin's First Day   Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:09 pm

Diablo snarled under his breath, his anger starting to boil his blood. No where his humans could be found. He had looked everywhere he knew, but now that he's alone, he can only feel angry at them... and himself.

He didn't protect them like he was supposed to do. He didn't complete his mission. He failed his lifetime job. Shaking his head, the large dog lifted his head into the air, sniffing for any scents. His eyes widened when he smelt another dog.

"Maybe this dog won't attack. Maybe it knows more about the humans leaving..."

Nodding his head, the large male lumbered down the path of the black road, his paws engulfing the tar path. He walked at a medium pace, he needed to conserve energy in order to be ready if there is a fight.

*exits to Abandoned City*
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Admin's First Day
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